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Here is a few tips, so the group can function in harmony:

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. There is a learning curve for people who have not used a discussion list before. Have patience with those who mistakenly post personal replies to the list. If you want to let them know that their message went to the entire list, send them a personal message. Do not post your response to their error to the entire list.

. Always sign your posts with your name.

. Use descriptive titles in the subject line so everyone can follow the threads and easily access the messages.

. Limit line length to 80 characters.

. Make sure the topic you are discussing is appropriate for the audience.

. Be careful what you say about others. You never know who is listening, be cautious not to offend anyone.

. Never forget that you are communicating with human beings, not computers. Do not attack people if you cannot persuade them with your presentation of the facts (cite appropriate references to back your argument).

. Remember that there are other people reading your messages. Screaming (ALL CAPS), cursing, or abusing someone only diminishes you in the minds of others and they will be less willing to help you when you need it.

. Remember there are no stupid questions. At one time, you didn't know the answer to the question, either.

. Be careful with humor and sarcasm. E-mail is easily misinterpreted; a remark that was meant to be funny can come across as rude. Often, adding a smiley face helps show you are joking :-).

. When you are responding to someone's message, please summarize the subject so others can follow the thread.

. Be careful to send personal follow-ups directly to the individual via e-mail, not broadcast to the entire group.

. Do not post information that may be an infringement on copyright laws.

. Do not use the discussion list as an advertising medium for your company, product, or service.

. Avoid posting to multiple discussion lists.

. Avoid using e-mail acronyms which hardly anybody knows.

. Don't send HTML or other MIME-encoded text to the list.

. Indent or otherwise mark text quoted from other people's posts, it might become impossible to tell who's saying what to whom.

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