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Department of Geography 

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Katharina Pelzelmayer und Huey Shy Chau beschäftigen sich mit dem Markt der live-in Privatbetreuung. Sie forschen zur Vorgehensweise der Agenturen bei der Rekrutierung und Vermittlung sowie bei der Vermarktung der Versorgungs-arbeit. Interview CareInfo 03.02.2016

Tropical glaciers in the Andes are melting at their fastest rate for 12 years, due to the record-breaking El Niño that is warming up the area. Michael Zemp in New Scientist, 25. Jan. 2016

The Greenland ice sheet might release meltwater faster than previously expected, as Horst Machguth and an international research team report. UZH Press release 04.01.2016

Welcome to the Department of Geography

Globalization, climate change and mobile information societies are at the heart of research and teaching of Geographers at the University of Zurich. Following the slogan "One Earth - Many Worlds" we engage with topics of public relevance, be it in Switzerland, in Los Angeles, in remote mountainous regions, in rural areas of the global south, or in cyberspace. Close cooperation with private and public organizations ensures that our findings have real societal benefits.


Department of Geography
University of Zurich - Irchel
Winterthurerstrasse 190
CH-8057 Zürich
tel: +41 44 635 51 11
fax: +41 44 635 68 48


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