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Department of Geography 

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Tien Shan glaciers, relevant for the water supply in Central Asia, are likely to lose most of their mass by 2050. Research by Tobias Bolch and an international team of colleagues in the New Scientist, 17.08.2015; Die Welt, 17.08.2015; Focus, 18.08.2015

Unprecedented water shortages expected in the Central Andes in the near future. Research results of an international team, including Christian Huggel and Nadine Salzmann, in the UZH News 17.08.2015

Nach Europa flüchten nur die, die gar nichts mehr zu verlieren haben. Stephan Hochleithner über Binnenvertriebene in der Demokratischen Republik Kongo, Die Presse, 13.08.2015

Welcome to the Department of Geography

Globalization, climate change and mobile information societies are at the heart of research and teaching of Geographers at the University of Zurich. We engage with topics of public relevance, be it in Switzerland, in Los Angeles, in remote mountainous regions, in rural areas of the global south, or in cyberspace. Close cooperation with private and public organizations ensures that our findings have real societal benefits.


Department of Geography
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